Senior Developer / Lead Developer

This role is responsible for developing, delivering and supporting SUTD research ecosystem network visualization platform that leverage the momentum of SUTD’s research collaboration and worldwide impact. These applications are focused on investigating key network metrics through quantitative analyses of multi‐dimensional social network data to provide statistical and visual findings and conclusions. The candidate is required to have full stack developer skills, strong data visualization and relational database knowledge. We require a self‐starter who can work in a fast paced learning‐organization and likes to have fun while performing at a high level.

Interested candidates should send their cover letters and CVs to

1. In partnership with SUTD research ecosystem facilitators, identify opportunities and risks for
delivering the solutions as a platform to provide competitive service, opportunity for
innovation and general assessment.
2. Understands where data comes from, and how to structure it in such a way that it is readily
consumable, regardless of its source system. Designs, maintains and builds conceptual, logical
and physical database models.
3. Determines database architecture, design, and creation, optimization, deriving conversion
and migration methods for existing data, and develops automated conversion and migration
4. Gather functional and non‐functional requirements in order to optimize the platform.
5. Analyze data requirements, application and processing architectures, data dictionaries and
database schemas while designing, developing, amending, optimizing and certifying database
designs to satisfy our clients.
6. Create network visualizations that leverage all features of conventional network visualization
software (Animation, Parameters, Filters, Data Charts, etc.), these visualization present data
in order to distinguish patterns and recognize trends.
7. Develop rich interactive graphics and network visualizations of large structured data in
browser‐friendly formats. From development of mock-ups to the complete production‐ready
application, lead the complete lifecycle of the network visualization applications.

1. MS or BS in CS or related field with 4+ years of R&D experience in industry or research institute.
2. Hands‐on experience in at least 3 full project development life cycles.
3. Solid understanding of physical and logical database design.
4. Experience in back‐end and front‐end development as well as database design and
5. Skill of fast‐prototyping for client engagements.
6. Team player with strong organization and people handling skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience in data cleaning, linking and integration of multiple database.
2. Experience of developing highly visual Business Intelligence solutions and applications
3. Experience of developing social network based solutions and applications
4. Experience in NLP and machine learning.

Posting date: 25 January 2017