Visualisation and prototyping systems allow engineers, scientists and architects to see and touch their ideas by modeling, imaging and manufacturing directly from CAD and other computational data. Research within the IDC in this area is focused on application and development of these systems as tools for design review across the columns and rows found in our research map. Imagery and physical models must be effective expressions of data for designers, engineers and scientists alike. Established programs within this thrust explore ways to increase the quality of x-ray visioning systems, prototype large objects and document established prototyping principles. New research projects will focus on filling research gaps such as discovery of ways to visualise social activities that occur during design processing. As we advance this thrust, we plan to explore questions related to human factors in processing physical models and enhance ways designers can learn from prototyping. Ultimately, we xplore a broad set of ideas leading to new knowledge in support of design prototyping to rapid product manufacturing for both expert and novice designers.

Examples of near-term specific goals of this Design Research Thrust are:

  • Discovery of large-scale physical prototyping systems;
  • Visualisation tools to explore urban infrastructure;
  • Develop tools that allow groups to visualisation and prototype as shared social experiences;
  • Design methodologies for efficient programmable digital FIR filters;
  • Characterize design limitations based on embodied cognition; and
  • Prototyping of new joinery systems