The mission of the SUTD International Design Centre (IDC) is to drive design research and innovation, in collaboration with a wide spectrum of global enterprise, government and social stakeholders. Specifically, it is defined by the following three core objectives:

  • Advancing Design Theory and Methodology
    Advancing design theory and methodology is the core intellectual challenge taken on by the IDC and our structure, centred on six design research thrusts, assures that a substantial effort is focused upon such work. IDC also emphasizes the major theme of “Design Science” that is fully congruent with this sub-objective. The effort has resulted in numerous publications (>1030) in a variety of important areas and also enabled IDC researchers to receive numerous best paper awards and other recognitions in this important realm.
  • Using Design to address key societal challenges
    The second major IDC objective is to apply Design in finding solutions to three Grand Challenges of our times, defined by the themes of “Sustainable Built Environment”, “Design with the Developing World”, and “ICT-enabled Devices for Better Living”.  Even at this early stage of IDC’s existence, there is evidence of the growing impact of our design work and, combined with a significant number of start- ups emerging from the centre, forms a strong indicator of the practical value of our research.
  • Integrating design theory and methods with design practice
    The advancement of design theory and methodology and addressing key societal needs are core elements of the IDC.  Yet, it is very important to connect design research to practice, as evidenced through our work, our virtual and physical creations, the intellectual property developed from the IDC research and the impact on Singapore and global businesses realized from our substantial efforts to connect design theory with impactful practice.