IDC Consortium

The IDC Consortium provides a platform for industry leaders in design and innovation, and SUTD / IDC faculty and researchers with similar research and technology goals and objectives to interact and learn from each other. The IDC Consortium is designed with a unique, distinctive footprint, enabling researchers and members to be at the forefront of innovation in design methods, techniques and methodologies, across fields and traditional boundaries. Together, the IDC and its consortium members will become the pinnacle of design science, design innovation and design thinking in the Asian region and beyond.

Eligibility: Consortium membership is open to all companies and organizations with current collaborations with the IDC. These collaborations include, but are not limited to, research projects with IDC-affiliated faculty, Capstone or internship projects hosted by the IDC, embedded researchers, and participation in the Design Innovation (DI@SG) professional development, consulting, and incubation programs.

Consortium members will be able to directly propose and fund research ideas to relevant IDC faculty as Directed Research Projects. Additionally, the Consortium will serve as a platform to connect Consortium members with one members and assist them in their involvement with other SUTD programs.  Members may also have opportunities to participate in panel discussions, give technical lectures as part of the IDC Lecture Series, and serve the IDC in an advisory capacity.

Value Proposition for Consortium Members: The IDC, with its innovative and multidisciplinary approach to design-centric education and research, is the ideal partner to further Consortium members’ business and research interests by giving members a contemporary view of innovative design tools, methodology, techniques and technologies.

IDC Consortium overview

Expanding Opportunities: Members will benefit from access to, and improved interaction with, leading researchers in the field, IDC scholars and other industry members, as well as state-of-the-art research equipment and infrastructure. Members will have first exposure to technological breakthroughs, methodological innovations and ground-breaking research performed by IDC faculty and researchers. Members will also be able to leverage upon the Consortium’s network of contacts and knowledge of the relevant industries to help find partners for new projects and business opportunities. Furthermore, the connection with MIT will lead to improved international visibility for all members, as well as easier access to US-based research and scientists.

Industry Day: The synergy of industry and academia members will be facilitated by a yearly consortium sponsored Industry Day at the IDC. The Industry Day will provide IDC faculty an opportunity to communicate their research results and discoveries to the members. Additionally the industry day provides members with opportunities to directly develop and propose research ideas to the IDC faculty.

Invitation to the IDC Summit: Members will have a standing invitation to the yearly IDC Summit, which provides a comprehensive overview of the IDC research program both at SUTD and MIT and provides time for structured discussions regarding this evolving content. Critical to the IDC’s future impact on the international stage is its ability to respond to emerging interests and coalescing priorities by all IDC researchers. This Summit aims to engage all attendees on the future path of the IDC.

Meeting Members’ Research Needs: The IDC will also provide members a platform from which they can advance their own research agenda by means of Directed Research Projects. In addition, the IDC will provide members the ability to discuss and arrange targeted focus groups with design, innovation and technology based on their own needs.

IDC Research Space: Members will have preferred access and rates to collaborative research space at the IDC, with access to state-of-the-art capabilities, facilities and expertise with a wide range of technical, analysis and assessment tools, depending on availability. The IDC at the new SUTD East Coast Campus occupies over 5000 m2, of which 1800 m2 will be allocated to labs and workshops, and 2900 m2 to office and collaborative spaces.

Access to SUTD Fabrication Facilities: The Fab Lab on the SUTD campus is a 5000 m2 facility offering a wide range of equipment that can be used for testing, developing and prototyping. As well as facilities for wood, polymer, metal, and electronics fabrication, the Fab Lab has extensive and ground-breaking Additive Manufacturing, laser-cutting capabilities which include selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, laminated object manufacturing, and others.

Developing Workforce: Members will have the opportunity to directly interact with postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate researches and will have the opportunity to provide input into their training and development.  In this way, members can help mold their future workforce in ways that align with their unique needs and vision. Conversely, members can tap into the expertise of faculty and researchers to further the professional development of their own employees to refine their approaches to design science and design thinking during an immersion experience at the IDC. Members will also be able to serve as longer term Innovators in Residence, where they will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with IDC researchers.

Membership Fees: Consortium members will be charged an annual fee of $250 to cover administrative costs. We recognize that some members may want to provide additional support to the SUTD-MIT IDC and the university through Directed Research Projects, event sponsorship, workshops for employees, support for SUTD students, or donations. The IDC Consortium will assist members to identify opportunities that align with their corporate goals

Conclusion: The IDC is committed to not only the research of design and design thinking, but the practice and growth of design in organizations and across communities. This approach, which aims to incorporate design science and thinking into the fabric of our society, makes the IDC a unique and vital partner to further your goals and needs. Companies will have an advantage of moving forward in a global economy by connecting and partnering with the IDC, just as the IDC would be enhanced by the partnership.