1 – invention disclosure

2 – under examination

3 – provisional

4 – PCT/Full Patent

5 – National Stage

6 – Not to protect

Yeung Sai-Kit Interchangeable Components for Hands-on Assembly-based Modeling 3
Sawako Kaijima Multi-material compliant linear ratchet mechanism 3
Suranga Nanayakkara SwimSight: A Device to Enable Deaf Swimmers 3
Sawako Kaijima A method to generate (and fabricate) single-body multi-way interlocking joints 6
Yeung Sai-Kit A Crowd-driven Approach for Designing Mid-scale Layout 3
Ye Ai Detachable acoustofluidic system for particle manipulation 3
Erik Wilhelm eNode: Wireless environmental sensors 6
Ye Ai Microfluidic single-cell level sorting using highly focused travelling surface acoustic waves 4
Dawn Tan Integrated photonic device for wavelength selective mode division multiplexing for combining both WDM and MDM 2
Anusha Indrajith Withanage Don, Suranga Nanayakkara, Masahiko Inami RippleTouch: Initial Exploration of a Wave Resonant Based Full Body Haptic Interface 6
Bradley Camburn, Kristin Wood Harmonic Levitator 1
Bradley Camburn, Kristin Wood Tectonic Origami 4
Roland Bouffanais Method for the characterization and differentiation of material surfaces using
compound responses of mechanically driven cells
Erik Wilhelm General Autonomy Controller (GAC) 4
Luo Jianxi GPS for Innovation: A data-driven innovation decision support system for exploring the opportunities and directions of inventive efforts 4
Anusha Indrajith Withanage Don,
Suranga Nanayakkara
zSense: A novel technique for close-proximity gesture recognition 4
Ricardo Sosa Never-ending Storytelling Toy 1
Erik Wilhelm, Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara, Foong Shaohui StickAmps: just-in-time intuitive price signals via non-invasive wireless sensors 5
Guan Yong Liang, Yuen Chau High-Order Intensity Modulations for OSTBC in Free-Space Optical MIMO Communications 3
Suranga Nanayakkara Wearable Real-time Monitoring System for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention 2
Lee Chung Approximation of Harmonic Amplitude Envelopes Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 2
Simon Lui A real-time chord progression guide on the smartphone for keyboard music jamming 6
Simon Lui A compact spectrum assisted audio timbre visualization and learning tool 6
Dawn Tan Integrated Optical System for On-Chip Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing covering the entire telecommunications band 2
Dawn Tan Integrated photonic device generating tailored second and third order optical dispersion 4
Giacomo Nannicini RBFOpt: an open-source library for black box optimization with costly function evaluations 1
Thanh-Toan Do, Ngai-Man Cheung, Dawn Koh, Yiren Zhou, H. Zheng Method and System for skin cancer diagnosis using mobile imaging 4
M. Maso, S. Lakshminarayana, and T. Q. S. Quek Adaptive Self-Sustainable OFDM Communications 4
Lap-Fai Yu, Sai-Kit Yeung, Vladlen Koltun, Demetri Terzopoulos Method and Apparatus for Adding Realistic Details to Virtual Indoor Scenes 3
Hossein Nejati, Ngai-Man Cheung, Ricardo Sosa, Dawn Koh DeepCAPTCHA: An Image CAPTCHA based on Depth Perception 5
Foong Shaohui, Sun Zhenglong, Tan U-Xuan, Teo Tee Hui Apparatus For Real-Time Non-Invasive Magnetic Field-Based Localization Of Nasogastric Tube 5
Roshan Peiris, Suranga Nanayakkara A toolkit that allows users to animate contents on paper or textiles 3
Edward Tiong, Lee Hui Ling Alexndra, Chia Zhong Hong Amos and Wei Wei Ferrofluid Calligraphy 3
Sawako Kajima Light Hanger – As Intended To Be Displayed/Without Bottom Cap/Without Inner Body 3
Sawako Kajima Methods for Manufacturing A Lens, Lens Manufacturing Systems and Lenses 5
Sevtsuk, A., Kalvo, R. Gridshells, parts for a gridshell, and methods for determining cutting schemes 5
Nanayakkara, S.C., Shilkrot, R. and Maes, P. EyeRing: A Finger-worn Assistant 3
Yeo K.P. and Nanayakkara S.C. A distributed Wireless Sensing System 5
V. T. Van, H. Wu, C. Yuen, X. Wang System and methods for robust distributed data storage 5
Romit Karnik, Hui Ying Yang Defective Ultralong Carbon Nanotubes for Water Desalination and Purification 5
Skylar Tibbits, Daniel Dikovsky M.I.T. Case No. 16494JK 1
Irene Bosch, Lee Gehrke, Jose F. Gomez-Marquez, Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli, Jacqueline Linnes, David K. Wood Multiplexed Diagnostic Systems 2