We want to minimise the amount of plant and flower waste generated by weddings and events in Singapore, and maximise the value of unsellable plants and flowers by reusing them in other products.



To reduce paper wastage by replacing writing/printing papers for students/office use.


How might we make dialects and its culture interesting to children, helping them connect across generations?


Enable favourable modes of interaction between zoo visitors and animals, that can bring about a more intuitive and memorable educational experience for visitors, and better well-being for animals, through tech.


Working with Jason has helped us to realize that each wheelchair user has their own needs and we are working to improve the well-being of others like him.


To seamlessly inculcate good recycling habits in university students.

Project SEED

We’re on a mission to connect your cause to the relevant parties.

Dose of Humanity

To understand the needs of our community better, specifically, the needs of those forgotten in the community.

Jia Cai!

How might we design a household farming device with modular concepts that is light, user-friendly, not too costly and can encourage people, especially millennials and middle-aged adults to farm their own edible food enjoy the process of farming?

Singapore Polytechnic:


We are a group of Singapore Polytechnic Students in the Engineering Academy (EA) Program. In this Multi Disciplinary Project, we are participating in SUTD’s Design Odyssy program.

The Un-titlement Project (back brace)

Welcome to our blog! We are Year 3 Singapore Polytechnic students doing our Final Year Project! We are in Engineering Academy and for our Multi-Disciplinary Project, we will be in the Design Odyssey competition hosted by SUTD!