This project aims at fusing together mobile network, sensor networks, and social networks to enable a new generation of exciting mobile applications that are personalised to user’s location, activities, preferences, and friendship relationships. In particular, this project will develop fundamental middleware services that:

  • interface various medium of social networks with deployed cyber-physical networks;
  • communicate among heterogeneous systems such as mobile phone, sensor/actuator network and proprietary control systems;
  • fuse the large volume of data collected from social networking, extract the needed information and aid in decision making;
  • preserve privacy based on user’s requirements.

As a holistic case study for above invented system middleware, we will design and experiment with a social network enhanced intelligent building control system, with the goal of minimising building energy consumption while maximising the comfort of building occupants. In addition, we will also conduct a smartphone-aided social network study to infer students’ academic interests / capability development, innovation / entrepreneurship interest / capability development / and other aspects based on their physical and cyber social networks.



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