2nd September, 2016

Grand Prize for SUTD MARS at ASME DEC 2016

Team MARS is the first IDC UROP-Capstone team comprising of the first batch of undergraduates from the Engineering Product Development and the Information Systems Technology & Design pillar. The project is partnered by Gilmour Space Technologies, an upcoming aerospace startup rooted in both Singapore and Australia.

They have recently been awarded the grand prize winner of the Designing for the Future presentation competition at the ASME 2016 IDETC/CIE 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Apart from being the first student team outside of the United States to be selected as a finalist for this prestigious competition, this project has been featured in prominent online media portals such as Gizmag and Metro UK.

Engineers at Kennedy Space Center, NASA have been impressed at the blueprints and are working on signing a Space Act Agreement for further development at their testing facilities. Dr Robert Zubrin, President of Mars Society, expressed similar interest in the prototype.

Students in Team MARS include (from left to right): Tan Guan Rong, Terry Lim, Arron Li, Lee Tat Lin and Tan En Yi.