Best Poster Award at EPCOS 2016, Cambridge University

7th September, 2016|

PhD student Weiling Dong won the Best Poster Award at the European Phase Change and Ovonics Symposium (EPCOS), held at Cambridge University between September 4-6.

Congratulations to Weiling and also to Assistant Professor Robert Simpson for his guidance!

Grand Prize Winner for Team MARS at ASME DEC 2016

2nd September, 2016|

Team MARS is the first IDC UROP-Capstone team comprising of the first batch of undergraduates from the Engineering Product Development and the Information Systems Technology & Design pillar. The project is partnered by Gilmour Space Technologies, an upcoming aerospace startup rooted in both Singapore and Australia.

They have recently been awarded the grand prize winner of […]

FingerReader featured in The Straits Times

2nd September, 2016|

Assistant Professor Suranga Nanayakkara and Research Assistant with the Augmented Human Lab, Mr Roger Boldu, were featured on the today’s The Straits Times, showcasing the FingerReader.





Malaria parasites by Assistant Professor Rajesh Chandramohanadas

30th August, 2016|

IDC faculty, Assistant Professor Rajesh Chandramohanadas’ work on malaria disease, is featured on QS News.

The research found that as the malaria parasite develops into its sexual stage while inside the human red blood cells, it exhibits remarkable flexibility and is able to change its own shape and manipulate its host’s red blood cell membrane.

Read more:

Appreciation for Professor Kristin Wood at the 13th International Conference on Design Education

29th August, 2016|

Congratulations to IDC’s Co-Director, Professor Kristin Wood, for his keynote address titled “Pulses, Styles and Innovations in Design Education” at the 13th International Conference on Design Education held at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on 23 August 2016.

Assistant Professor Suranga Nanayakkara nominated as INK Fellow

12th August, 2016|

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Suranga Nanayakkara who was nominated as an INK Fellow for 2016.

The INK Fellows Program is a young, global and cross-disciplinary community of path-breakers who we believe will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, INK identifies the minds that are redefining their field of work, and the world around them. The […]

Gilmour Space Technologies featured in The Straits Times

5th August, 2016|

Gilmour Space Technologies, one of IDC’s partner companies, was featured in The Straits Times for achieving two firsts. The article also featured our co-Director, Professor Kristin Wood. Read the article here for more information.



ZaiBike featured on Channel 8

3rd August, 2016|

ZaiBike, one of IDC’s funded projects, was featured on the Channel 8 news. Lee Jun Xiang and Tee May Ying, the student founders of the company, shared on their community bike-sharing start-up. Watch the full video here.

Advance Architecture Laboratory featured in The Business Times

1st August, 2016|

SUTD’s Advance Architecture Laboratory was featured in The Business Times in an article titled “Works of Wonder”. The article takes a look at the 2016 Singapore finalists for the World Architecture Festival “Building of the Year” Award.


Multi-Rotor Society at the National Engineers Day (NED) 2016

27th July, 2016|

Students from the Multi-Rotor Society, led by Assistant Professor Foong Shaohui, participated in the Energy Innovation Challenge which concluded at the recent National Engineer’s Day 2016 on 24 July 2016.

The team presented a hybrid energy powered multi-rotor craft which features a hybrid multi-rotor fixed wing concept that is powered by 3 independent power systems: Electric, Solar […]