22nd November, 2016

RBFOpt and Opussum, two projects that were supported by the IDC, has won the COIN-OR Cup 2016.­­­

RBFOpt is a model-based, black-box optimization library­­­­, and Opossum (OPtimizatiOn System with SUrrogate Models)­­­, is an easy-to-use optimisation tool for architectural designers based on RBFOpt developed by SUTD’s Advanced Architecture Laboratory, in collaboration with Giacomo Nannicini.

Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN) is an international initiative to spur the development of open-source software for the operations research community. Every year, the COIN-OR Foundation awards the COIN-OR Cup to recognize important contributions to and innovative uses of COIN-OR software. COIN-OR hosts RBFOpt since 2015.


Opussum logo

While Opossum is not part of COIN-OR (it is available for free on www.food4rhino.com), the committee recognised the utilisation of rigorous mathematical optimisation tools in a context that is historically skeptical about them, the effort to increase awareness of the potential of mathematical optimisation within the architecture community and its easy-to-use interface for non-experts.