Design Odyssey 2.0

Power Mat

Using a patented flexible, non-toxic material with the ability to generate electricity through the material flexing. Similar to piezoelectric material. Our material is stronger and much more durable. We plan to install these mats into the playground to Lettie community before aware of such form of clean energy


Grandmaster is a platform that allows retirees, especially the lower income group, to share their skills and experiences with others, thereby enabling them to age actively and lead a more fulfilling life.


We help volunteers have compatible relationships with our elderly!

Wheel Boat Row

A multi-purpose, multi-functional small hand-propelled vechicle to improve the victim’s experience during a flood itself.


We aim to promote gardening as a way to destress and have fun. We aim to lower the challenge of gardening by bringing emotions to your plants.


Reducing plastic waste by promoting and restructuring the culture of bring-your-own cups.

Relief 007

Creating a platform to optimise disaster relief operations by increasing public access to critical information in disaster-stricken regions.


Re:cord is designing assistive technology solutions for dementia patients, in order to relieve the burden on caregivers and improve the lives of dementia patients.


Project aims to empower the elderly and their caretakers.


Our project aims to help dyslexic children be identified and receive learning aid.


Our project aims to aid everyone, especially the elderly to change their LED lights easily and conviniently. In the future, we hope that Ezgineer will become a tech solution company that aids people of different needs.

Potty Pedals

Our project aims to solve the dirty public toilets by designing a self-cleaning toilet bowl, fully mechanical to maintain the cleanliness of public toilet, and lower the cost of maintaining it.


We aim to use Computer Vision and Artifical intelligence to combat drowsy driving by keeping drowsy drivers alert. Further on, how can we change drivers’ behavior to be more responsible? How can the data we collect about fatigue levels be used to effect longer term changes?


Gummi-Giri aims to provide an alternative way on dental hygiene.

Temasek Polytechnic:


We’re on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most.

BME Boys

To provide affordable laboratory process to the masses without the need for professional training.


To produce user-friendly dentures made with advanced technology to allow everyone to feel confident with their smiles.

Team ACE

We specializes in innovating new waste collecting systems to counter water pollution issues in the world and educating the public about the importance of keeping our waters clean.

= Ability

To develop a seat comforter for elderly wheelchair user to transfer easily from the wheelchair to another place. The seat comforter will be an attachment to the wheelchair. The user can be elevated to the preferred height for easier transference.

Team JSA

To ensure that the solo wheelchair users do not have to wheel their way up the bus.

Mind Crusaders

Create tools and convenience to aid the senior citizens with their day to day activities.


Solving a social problem using
technology as an enabler.


A device to help the users control their electrical appliances with minimum movement.


We design a step-up tile which converts kinetic energy to electrical energy with the use of pressure.

Nanyang Polytechnic:


Focusing on the smart healthcare sector, the team has thought of an embedded solution catered to the restaurant environment in aiding the visually impaired to have a better working experience and ease in transitioning to a working environment.

Pet Society

To focus on pet abandonment in Singapore. Many pets have been abandoned by their owners and have been either abandoned by the roadside or to animal shelters or even left in a box by the bin.


Provide electricity for income families.

Singapore Polytechnic:

Heroines Tank

Medispenser for the elderly.

AiPao Lovestorun

To eliminate the need to queue to collect race entitlements and at the same time make it more convenient for participants to collect the items.

Re, Reuseable Made Easy
Fan o’matic


We aim to seek a solution to solve back pain problems that gamer’s face.


This smart window aims to close when it sense rains or the activation of the air conditioner

Design Odyssey 1.0

The Home ProjectThe Home Project

How might we develop a vision of nursing/elderly home to accommodate the growing population of elderly?


How might we utilize the food waste created everyday in a meaningful way?

Project GenieElderly VR

How might we improve the quality of life of those who have limited mobility, including those with physical constraints and medical conditions?

Inventing TomorrowInventing Tomorrow

How might we encourage needy children to discover their passion and interest in Design and Technology?


How might we sustainably empower wheelchair users in the near and long term with the skills and knowledge to invent their way out of their circumstances?

Find the Value of Ugly FoodUgly Food

How might we reduce the amount of food that are thrown away due to aesthetics and develop a solution to deliver healthy food to people?

Environment Personal TouchEnvironment Personal Touch

How might we tackle environment issues in Singapore? (Target users and beneficiaries)


We intend to employ the rewarding nature of coding to empower under-privileged students by enhancing their sense of achievement and guiding them towards their ambition.

Why At RiskWhy At Risk

Improving the operational efficiency of EQUAL-ARK and exposing At-Risk Youths to mentorship, which empower them to become better individuals in society.


How might we create an inclusive society through habitual reinforcement via integrated technology
and common space ?


How might we reuse used smartphones in a meaningful way to help improve the lives of the people, e.g refugees, elderly or children in rural areas


How might we solve healthcare related problems due to the increasing aged population in Singapore?


How might we provide efficacious aid for disaster victims through a humanitarian effort at
the time they need the most?


How might we create renewable energy for third world countries to utilise?


How might we create an environment that promotes sustainability?


How might we improve the life of people with disabilities?


How might we streamline everyday mundane processes within a home to efficiently respond to elderly people’s needs?


How might we allow new programmers to put their programming skills to use in meaningful real world projects. It would give them experience, while benefiting NGOs with fresh talent.

Tremor LiberumTremor Liberum

How might we assist the lives of patients with hand tremors without the use of medication?

mart-bin$MART Bin

How might we aim to give back to nature – with recycling at the core of our business?