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In 2015 the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC) devised the Design Innovation @ Singapore (DI) platform to organize and drive Design- and Technology-centered Innovation programs and initiatives for Singapore and beyond.

Design Innovation is a human‐centered and inter‐disciplinary approach to innovate and address complex challenges in our world. Individuals with domain knowledge in various fields, including engineering, architecture, science, psychology, and business, come together as a team to understand the underlying issues, and—through a facilitated process — solve these in an innovative manner. It is human‐centric at its core, with an emphasis on developing empathy of users, collaborating in a multi-disciplinary team, and rapid prototyping.

This unique Design Innovation platform encompasses three distinct but inter-related core areas:

Design Education Design Guidance Design Incubation Design Research
Program for private and public sector professionals, focusing on fundamental DI mindsets & skillsets Customised DI facilitation to support organisations to innovate and address the complex challenges they face Enterprise incubation and acceleration program for Singapore-based technology startups, leveraging the IDC’s DI@SG resources and expertise Customised in-depth scientific study of DI and technical challenges faced in practice or education

Design Education (Professional Development)

The IDC offers professional education to organisations and individuals to build-up capabilities in Design Innovation (DI). All our workshops are designed to introduce participants to design thinking and its contribution to innovation and value creation, and make extensive use of hands-on exercises to train design innovation methods.
All workshops can be customised to address your specific needs and context.

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IDC’s Professional Development Workshop Offerings


DI@SG education 2

Recommended Workshops for Different Roles and Needs

For more information on the DI@SG programme, please contact us at idc@sutd.edu.sg.