To thrive in carrying out leading-edge, revolutionary research or the creation of innovative design, and develop unique investigative skill set through each project.


To provide students with an opportunity to initiate and perform cutting-edge, innovative research or the development of designs.


Each student will receive funding up to $2000 per project. Projects with multiple students can receive up to $2000 multiplied by the number of students.

Guide for Student-Led Projects

UROP guide for student-led project

Guide for Faculty-Led Projects

UROP guide for faculty-led project

Click here (staff login required) to download the Pilot Project Template.

Student Deliverables

UROP deliverables by the students


  • Students will be awarded with a UROP certificate when they successfully complete the UROP project and have been recommended by the IDC Co-Director for certification.
  • The IDC UROP will also appear on their Fifth Row Certificate.
  • All reasonable permanent equipment purchased using IDC funds must be returned to the IDC with all documentation and accessories, and in complete working order at the end of the project. All trivial or used materials and supplies do not have to be returned to the IDC.
  • Changes to the proposal would require the written approval of the IDC.


Research Proposal
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Final Report Template for IDC UROPIDC UROP Final Report
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Final Report Rubrics for IDC UROP
Rubrics for Final Report
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Students who are interested in the IDC UROP may submit their proposals to Ms Dawn Chia at