Robert W. Weisberg is Professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate Studies at Temple University. A cognitive psychologist, Dr. Weisberg’s area of interest is creative thinking, the cognitive processes involved in the intentional production of novelty: solutions to problems, works of art, scientific theories, and inventions. He has published papers investigating cognitive mechanisms underlying problem solving, and has published papers and books examining cognitive processes underlying creative thinking.

Dr Weisberg and his students are carrying out laboratory studies of undergraduates solving problems of various sorts, in order to gain understanding of the mechanisms underlying leaps of insight and Aha! experiences in problem solving. He and his students are also examining “real-world” creative thinking at the highest levels, through case studies of people such as Edison, Picasso, and jazz great Charlie Parker. In those studies, attempts are made to apply quantitative methods to historical “data,” to derive conclusions concerning how the creative process functions at the highest levels.